Nolan Jez

Who Has The Biggest Rivalry In VA? Nolan Jez Jan 15, 2019

Ahead of the biggest meet in the state it is a great time to think of big matchups and big rivalries in our state. Of course some come mind immediately but others are more subtle but just as intense. Here we analyze the biggest ones in our mind.

VA Showcase Invitational Fields Released! Nolan Jez Jan 14, 2019

The VA Showcase is back this weekend and we could not be more excited for what is in store. Though meet management has not released the full performance list, we do however have the invitational sections in hand.

Meet Virginia's G.O.A.T.'s: Keith Holley Nolan Jez Jan 13, 2019

A new year, a new record. That is how it goes for most high school national records. It happens so often, even multiple times in a season, that few records stand from the early 2000's left alone the 1990's. 

Frosh Jayson Ward May Just Be What Bird Needed Nolan Jez Jan 13, 2019

L.C. Bird is a championship team and one that has put together some monster performances these past two years. The addition of freshman Jayson Ward though may push them over the edge and into the hunt for multiple national titles.  

LIVE RESULTS: Bulldog Invitational Nolan Jez Jan 5, 2019

The Bulldog Invitational is back and better than ever. You can catch all of the weekend's action live on MileSplit (link below) and after the meet as well with the archived race footage. Mary Ann Magnant will also be on site providing tons photos coverage as well. 

Bulldog Invitational Performance List Released! Nolan Jez Jan 3, 2019

The New Year is going to start in a big way this weekend at Liberty University's indoor track. Nearly 100 teams and thousands of athletes will converge there for a season best or personal record at the Bulldog Invitational. This meet will have great photo coverage and will be streamed LIVE! Check out the info below and be sure to check back Saturday for live coverage.