PCSAA Fall Classic 2018

Washington, DC
Hosted by BASIS DC

Meet Information

PCSAA Fall Classic:

Tuesday, October 2 @ Kenilworth Park

Middle School (Grades 5-8) starts at 4:00 PM, High School starts at 4:45 PM

Coaches Meeting at 3:30 PM

Timing/Course Marshals:

M&D Timing will be doing the timing for the meet and will be using shoe chips for timing. This will work the same as last year where each runner will be assigned a set chip that needs to be tied onto their shoe. Please secure these well so we do not have lost chips. Additionally, please make sure to collect and turn in all chips following the meet. Teams will be charged for all lost or un-returned chips.


We will have port-a-johns on site for the meet but please note there is no large restroom facility for changing so runners need to come dressed for the race.

Coaches Meeting:

The coaches meeting will be held promptly at 3:30 PM the day of the meet. At this time coaches will receive their team packets with numbers and shoe chips.


Registrations close at midnight the Friday prior to each meet.


Payment is due in the form of a check the day of the meet and you can hand that to me at the coaches meeting. Please make checks payable to: PCSAA. Team fees are as follows:

$100 per single gender team or $150 for both genders

For example:

If you just have high school boys, the fee would be $100.

If you have middle school boys and middle school girls the fee would be $150.

If you have high school boys and girls and also middle school boys and girls, the fee would be $300.


Rachel McNinch

rachel.mcninch@basised.com or (517) 927-3021