Mullins Russell Invitational Track and Field Classic 2017

Washington, DC

Meet Information

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Mullins - Russell Invitational Track and Field Classic
Schedule of Events
May 6, 2017

Saturday Events

Officials Meeting 8:00am
Coaches Meeting 8:30am

Event # Event Limitations Time
1 Discus Boys 4 Throws 9:00am
2 Shot Put Girls 4 Throws 9:00am
3 Long Jump Girls 4 Jumps 9:00am
16 Discus Girls 4 Throws 10:00am
17 Shot Put Boys 4 Throws 10:00am
18 Long Jump Boys 4 Jumps 10:00am
19 Shot Put Middle School Girls 4 Throws 11:00am
26 Shot Put - Middle School Boys 4 Throws 11:00am
21 High Jump Boys Starting Height 56 11:00am
22 High Jump - Girls Starting Height 4'2 12:00pm
23 Long Jump - Middle School Girls 4 Jumps 12:00pm
24 Long Jump - Middle School Boys 4 Jumps 12:00pm
*Triple Jump will start at 2:30pm
37 Triple Jump - Girls 4 Jumps 2:30pm
38 Triple Jump - Boys 4 Jumps

Running Events

Event # Event Limitations Time
4 400m Hurdles Girls Final-On-Time 9:30am
5 400m Hurdles Boys Final-On-Time
6 3200m Relay - Girls Final-On-Time
7 3200m Relay - Boys Final-On-Time
8 100m Hurdles Girls Semi-Final
9 110m Hurdles Boys Semi-Final
10 100m Dash (Unified Track)Girls Final-On-Time
11 100m Dash (Unified Track)Boys Final-On-Time
12 100m Dash Middle School - Girls Semi-Final
13 100m Dash Middle School - Boys Semi-Final
14 100m Dash - Girls Semi-Final
15 100m Dash - Boys Semi-Final
25 400m Dash (Unified Track)Girls Final-On-Time
26 400m Dash (Unified Track)Boys Final-On-Time
27 400m Dash Middle School Girls Final-On-Time
28 400m Dash Middle School Boys Final-On-Time
29 200m Dash Girls Final-On-Time
30 200m Dash Boys Final-On-Time
31 1500m Steeple - Girls Final-On-Time
32 2000m Steeple Boys Final-On-Time
33 400m Shuttle Relay (Unified Track) Infield (MT)
34 800m Relay - Girls Final-On-Time
35 800m Relay - Boys Final-On-Time
36 800m Medley "Old School"(Co-ed) Final

*Throws or jumps not meeting qualifying distances will not be marked.
*Events will run continuously following the opening timed event.

Mullins - Russell Invitational Track and Field Classic
Schedule of Events (continued)
May 6, 2017

Afternoon Running Events

Opening Ceremonies 2:30pm

Event# Running Event Limitations
39 100M Hurdles Girls Final (3:00pm)
40 110M Hurdles Boys Final
41 100M Dash- Middle School Girls Final
42 100M Dash- Middle School Boys Final
43 100M Dash Girls Final
44 100M Dash Boys Final
45 1600M Run Girls Final-On-Time
46 1600M Run Boys Final-On-Time
47 Invitational 400M Dash Girls Final
48 400M Dash Girls Final-On-Time
49 Invitational 400M Dash Boys Final
50 400M Dash B Final-On-Time
51 3200M Run Girls Final-On-Time
52 3200M Run Boys Final-On-Time
53 800M Run Middle School Girls Final
54 800M Run Middle School Boys Final
55 800M Run Girls Final-On-Time
56 800M Run Boys Final-On-Time
57 400M Relay Middle School Girls Final
58 400M Relay Middle School Boys Final
59 400M Relay Girls Final-On-Time
60 400M Relay Boys Final-On-Time
*Outstanding Awards Ceremony For All Field Events*
61 1600M Relay Middle School Girls Final
62 1600M Relay Middle School Boys Final
63 1600M Relay Girls Final-On-Time
64 1600M Relay Boys Final-On-Time
*Outstanding Awards Ceremony For All Track Events*

*Awards and Most Outstanding Athletes Ceremony*

Note: The running events begin at 9:30am and will run continuously. The meet may run ahead of schedule ~ so coaches please plan to have your athletes check-in early.

1. The running events listed for competition will run continuously starting at 9:30am.
2. Competitors entered in track events must confirm their entries with the Clerk of Course on the first call for each event.
3. Once the Clerk of Course has closed an event for that competition, that event will not be reopened.
4. Competitors in the discus and shot put may use their own implements. All implements must be weighed and inspected one hour in advance of the scheduled time listed or prior to the first call of that event.
5. Contestants in the discus throw, shot put, long jump and triple jump will have four jumps or four throws which will constitute a final.
6. Prizes will be presented at the awards stand on the infield during competition.
7. Fully automatic timing will be used.
8. Only spikes are acceptable.
9. Licensed athletic trainers will be available for treatment of all athletic emergencies.
10. Each D. C. I. A. A. school must have an Emergency Data Information sheet for each athlete competing. These sheets must be presented for clearance to the Athletic Trainers prior to participation.
11. Transportation: All transportation requests for the DCIAA teams must be submitted in writing to the Department of Athletics two weeks prior to the date of the competition.
12. No one may exceed the maximum participation rule of their state and/or exceed the participation rules of this meet.
13. Each athlete may participate in a total of 4 events. Each school may enter no more than three (3) athletes per event and one relay team for each relay event. If you have both men and women, you may enter one mens and one womens team. No B teams, please!
14. Indicate a seed time for all track events or your athlete will be placed in a non-seeded section (NT). List a distance or height for all entries in the field events. The last flight will be the top seeded flight in the field events and the first heat in the running events except the 1600m Relay. The seeded section in the 1600m Relay will run last.
15. A concession stand will be provided with refreshments for sale throughout the meet.

The meet location is HD Woodson SHS:

HD Woodson SHS

540 55th St., NE
Washington, DC 20019

Entry Fees:

Track & Field Events
Individual ..........................................$ 10.00
Relays ..............................................$ 30.00
Individual Team Fee (Boys or Girls only).............$125.00
Combined Team Fee(Boys and Girls)....................$200.00


Medals- 1st, 2nd and 3rd place finalist in all events.

Invitational Events (400M Dash):
-1st place medal
-2nd place medal
-3rd place medal
-4th place medal
-5th place medal

Most Outstanding Athlete Trophies:
-Vinna L. Freeman-Female Platinum Diamond Trophy
-Dr. Claude E. Moten-Male Platinum Diamond Trophy
You may pay entry fees on-line with Mile Split
Paying by check (school/organization only)
Send checks or money orders to address below
*No personal checks please!

Make checks payable to: M-R Track Classic

Mailing Address:
Stanley Mullins
P.O. Box 1435
Clinton, MD 20735