Ahmed Bile


Red-shirting Georgetown freshman and Annandale high school standout Ahmed Bile took some time out of his week to discuss a few things with DC.Milesplit, below is the commentary of the interview.

DC.Milesplit: First off, how are you and how is your training going?

Bile: I am doing great, my knee is feeling better so training is going well.

DC.Milesplit: How are you liking Georgetown?

Bile: I love it a lot. I am really getting along with my teammates and coaching staff. It is also really nice being pushed everyday in practice by runners who are a lot better then you.

DC.Milesplit: Why did you choose Georgetown?

Bile: I really liked what the coach had to say about the school, I also really liked his philosophy about the importance of longevity and academic expectations.

DC.Milesplit: What other schools recruited you or were other choices for you?

Bile:  The only other offers I seriously was considering were UVA, UNC. (decided two weeks prior to Coach Vigilante leaving)

DC.Milesplit: What was the deciding factor in favor of Georgetown?

Bile: It was just one of those things where you weigh all the factors and knew I wanted to come here.

DC.Milesplit: Is Georgetown what you expected?

Bile:  Actually it is better then I expected, everybody here is really cool and nice and everyone outside of the team is too. I am really getting along with the team and coaching staff. The coach was all business when he recruited me but when I got to know him he is really funny.

DC.Milesplit: How is it going to school so close to your home?

Bile: I’ll be home during all the breaks so it is different then if I had gone to school out on the west coast. I’m pretty much as far as way from home as you make it to be, since I am doing so much and since running is like a full time job.

DC.Milesplit: What is your goal for this season or year?

Bile: Biggest goal is to stay healthy, and big goal is to break four minutes in the Mile.

DC.Milesplit: What are some of your long-term career goals?

Bile: Win the NCAA title in one of my events, stay healthy, go to the Olympic trials in four years and make it to the World Championships trials in three years.

DC.Milesplit: What are your team goals throughout your whole career?

Bile: Win a national title.

DC.Milesplit: How are you adjusting to the difference in racing distance?

Bile: I am still building base and fitness because of my knee bothering me, I haven’t raced an 8K yet so I do not know how it feels but I am assuming its unpleasant.

DC.Milesplit: What will be your focus season and event in college?

Bile: Coach stresses everything is building for Outdoor Track and says it [Outdoor Season] is when it matters. Event wise I am not sure yet, either the 800 or 1500 or both.

DC.Milesplit: How is it to now be teammates with one of your big rivals from high school, Silas Frantz? (Beat him in a photo finish in XC his junior year at VHSL AAA State XC Championships)

Bile: I was fortunate enough to get to know him after the state meet and became good friends with him. I was really excited for him when he committed here and didn’t know at that time I was going to. Its awesome to have him as a teammate.

DC.Milesplit: Have you or are you currently chasing any of your Dad’s records?

Bile: No, my Dad was really fast, I haven’t caught any of them yet but when I catch them I will be happy, if not no worries.



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