DCIAA Middle School Developmental Meet

Washington, DC

Meet Information

DCIAA Middle School Developmental Meet

***For DC Public Schools ONLY

Spingarn High School

2500 Benning Road, Washington, DC

Wednesday, April 3, 2019


Meet Director Contact Information:

Shanice Abrams



Event Information

First Event Start Time: 1:00pm **Rolling Schedule


Order of Events

100m/110m Hurdles

100m Dash

800m Run

4x200m Relay

1600m Run

4x100m Relay

400m Dash

200m Dash

4x400m Relay


Field Events

All field events start at 1:00pm

High Jump (Boys then Girls)

Long Jump (Girls then Boys)

Shot Put (Girls then Boys)

Triple Jump (Boys then Girls)

Discus (Boys then Girls)



 All athletes MUST be deemed eligible by the DCIAA to compete in any athletic competition. The DCIAA will adhere to NFHS Track & Field, USATF, and modified DCIAA rules, which are within this packet and our DCIAA Handbook.  As the LEA, the DCIAA is allowed to making changes to the NFHS and USATF rules.  Please note that rule modifications can be made at any point during the season depending upon the safety of the coach, spectators, and athletes, this includes modifications to handbook procedures.


Uniform Rule- All uniform rules shall be in accordance with the NFHS and USATF standards. Each competitors uniform shall meet all requirements and restrictions as presented in Rules 4-3-1 and 4-3-2 of the NFHS rule book. The competitor's uniform shall be issued by the school, worn as intended by the manufacturer, and have the following restrictions:

         The uniform must be of a material and design deemed to not be objectionable or offensive by the athletics department of the issuing institution

         Each competitor shall wear a uniform bearing the school name and colors. 

         Any visible garment underneath the uniform top and/or bottom must be single solid color.  If more than one visible garment is worn underneath, it must be the same color.

         All Bottoms shall be a solid color.

         The waistband of a competitor's bottom shall be worn above the hips.

Disqualification Conduct

Competitors are not allowed to receive any assistance while competing in an event. This assistant includes, but not limited to

  • Pacing by a teammate not in the race or persons not participating in the event (i.e running along side a competitor)
  • Competitors joining hands with eachother during a race
  • Coaching a competitor from a restricted area
  • Using an aid during the race or trial (ex: watch, fitbit, GPS device, smart watch, etc)
  • And all other assistance that is defined by the LEA. Please communicated with the Meet director to receive more examples.

All DCIAA employees shall not indulge in conduct which would incite players or spectators against the officials and/or DCIAA staff. Public criticism of coordinators, officials or players is unethical.


All Competitors who conduct themselves in an unsporting manner, who are offensive by action or language, or who are found to be in violation of honest effort, shall be warned or disqualified by the referee from the event and from the remainder of the meet.


  • Entries must be submitted through Milesplit(dc.milesplit.com).
  • Only a maximum of four (4) entries per school/event/. Only two (2) relays teams/school/event/gender.

Meet Information


RESULTS: Results can and will be found atdc.milesplit.com and www.mdtimingllc.com/

The deadline to register is Sunday, March 31, 2019 @ 8:00pm