Boys Virtual Meet Preview: DCSAA Championships

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Luke Tewalt of Washington Latin looks to be a favorite in both the 1600 and 3200 meter run with season best times of 4:19 and 9:20 respectively.

A projection of the top ranked athletes in each event and team scores projections for Tuesday's DCSAA Championships, which will be LIVE streamed on starting at noon.

55 Meter Dash

1RuQuan Brown11Banneker High School6.5710
2Matthew Mintzer10Georgetown Day School6.638
3Kendel Hammock12Archbishop Carroll High School (DC)6.646
4Damon Smith11Gonzaga College High School6.775
5Trelee Banks-Rose11Cesar Chavez6.774
6Christopher Holbrook12FW Ballou High School6.793
7Jamel Vines10Eastern High School6.802
8Khalil Warren9Eastern High School6.811

300 Meter Dash

1Kendel Hammock12Archbishop Carroll High School (DC)35.5310
2Taahir Kelly12T Roosevelt Senior High School35.588
3Matthew Mintzer10Georgetown Day School36.676
4Reece Temoney9Archbishop Carroll High School (DC)36.935
5Trelee Banks-Rose11Cesar Chavez37.364
6David Hounyo12McKinley Tech High School37.593
7RuQuan Brown11Banneker High School37.682
8Leron Husbands10Archbishop Carroll High School (DC)37.751

500 Meter Dash

1Taahir Kelly12T Roosevelt Senior High School1:06.9110
2Kendel Hammock12Archbishop Carroll High School (DC)1:08.268
3Reece Temoney9Archbishop Carroll High School (DC)1:09.826
4Antonio Hudson11McKinley Tech High School1:09.915
5David Giannini12Gonzaga College High School1:09.934
6Bryce Dudley9Archbishop Carroll High School (DC)1:11.023
7Marcus Stackhouse12Gonzaga College High School1:11.332
8David Hounyo12McKinley Tech High School1:11.701

800 Meter Run

1Huzeyfa Telha12T Roosevelt Senior High School2:03.0610
2David Giannini12Gonzaga College High School2:05.528
3Devin Smith11Archbishop Carroll High School (DC)2:06.216
4Antonio Hudson11McKinley Tech High School2:07.535
5Oliver Spiva11Washington Latin Public Charter HS2:07.834
6Marcus Stackhouse12Gonzaga College High School2:08.413
7Seamus O'Connor9Gonzaga College High School2:08.842
8Connor, Seamus O9Gonzaga College High School2:09.921

1600 Meter Run

1Luke Tewalt11Washington Latin Public Charter HS4:19.7410
2Gavin McElhennon11Gonzaga College High School4:26.748
3Cullen Capuano11Gonzaga College High School4:30.536
4Patrick Donnelly10Gonzaga College High School4:36.525
5Oliver Spiva11Washington Latin Public Charter HS4:37.794
6Huzeyfa Telha12T Roosevelt Senior High School4:38.913
7Devin Smith11Archbishop Carroll High School (DC)4:40.332
8Jalonte Phillips12KIPP DC: College Prep4:49.491

3200 Meter Run

1Luke Tewalt11Washington Latin Public Charter HS9:20.9310
2Gavin McElhennon11Gonzaga College High School9:22.208
3Cullen Capuano11Gonzaga College High School9:46.276
4Patrick Donnelly10Gonzaga College High School9:58.775
5Oliver Spiva11Washington Latin Public Charter HS10:17.984
6Charlie Baar9Georgetown Day School10:37.833
7Huzeyfa Telha12T Roosevelt Senior High School10:51.012
8Corbin Buchwald10Georgetown Day School10:59.471

55 Meter Hurdles

1Kendel Hammock12Archbishop Carroll High School (DC)7.3810
2David Hounyo12McKinley Tech High School7.938
3David Warmington9Archbishop Carroll High School (DC)8.026
4Nicholas Fiorenza12Gonzaga College High School8.045
5Michael Scott12Thurgood Marshall Academy Public Charter High School8.564
6Tre McGuire11Gonzaga College High School8.703
7Caleb Stutman-shaw11Georgetown Day School9.232
8Kevin Hernandez12T Roosevelt Senior High School9.411

4x200 Meter Relay

1T Roosevelt Senior High School1:33.2810
2Eastern High School1:34.938
3Archbishop Carroll High School (DC)1:35.356
4McKinley Tech High School1:36.645
5Georgetown Day School1:38.954
6FW Ballou High School1:39.803
7Gonzaga College High School1:40.202
8Coolidge High School1:40.831

4x400 Meter Relay

1T Roosevelt Senior High School3:33.1310
2Archbishop Carroll High School (DC)3:34.718
3Gonzaga College High School3:37.416
4McKinley Tech High School3:41.435
5Georgetown Day School3:48.174
6Washington Latin Public Charter HS3:49.683
7KIPP DC: College Prep3:55.142
8Eastern High School4:02.521

4x800 Meter Relay

1Archbishop Carroll High School (DC)8:25.3310
2Gonzaga College High School8:30.908
3Washington Latin Public Charter HS8:49.066
4McKinley Tech High School9:19.015
5T Roosevelt Senior High School9:24.994
6KIPP DC: College Prep9:28.503
7Georgetown Day School9:34.322
8Eastern High School9:45.511

High Jump

1Jaedon Joyner12T Roosevelt Senior High School6-010
2Marquez Phillips12Eastern High School5-108
3Nicholas Fiorenza12Gonzaga College High School5-26
4David Banu9McKinley Tech High School5-05
5Isaiah Williams10McKinley Tech High School5-04
6Malachi Cheeks9Georgetown Day School5-03
7Andrew Mason12Eastern High School4-102
8Daivon Taylor10McKinley Tech High School4-81

Long Jump

1Christopher Holbrook12FW Ballou High School20-4.7510
2David Hounyo12McKinley Tech High School20-48
3Marquez Phillips12Eastern High School20-2.56
4Deandre Levy10Archbishop Carroll High School (DC)19-8.755
5John Giannini10Gonzaga College High School19-8.54
6Justin Fronda11Gonzaga College High School19-6.53
7Tre McGuire11Gonzaga College High School18-10.52
8Davairrio Reed12Cesar Chavez18-61

Shot Put

1Andre Harrison12Archbishop Carroll High School (DC)43-1.510
2Tre McGuire11Gonzaga College High School40-6.58
3Joshua Williams10Gonzaga College High School38-36
4Isaiah Schuham-Anders11Georgetown Day School38-0.55
5Dylan Posey--Georgetown Day School35-54
6Vance Russell12Eastern High School35-4.53
7William Goldberg12Georgetown Day School35-0.52
8Bamiak Bihiru10Bell High School34-10.51

Triple Jump

1Jaedon Joyner12T Roosevelt Senior High School41-8.2510
2Marquez Phillips12Eastern High School41-68
3Christopher Holbrook12FW Ballou High School41-2.256
4Nicholas Fiorenza12Gonzaga College High School39-7.255
5Justin Fronda11Gonzaga College High School39-0.54
6Isaiah Williams10McKinley Tech High School36-8.253
7Patrick Rooks10Gonzaga College High School35-9.252
8Javon Williams9Dunbar High School35-21

Team Scores

		                    Boys - Team Rankings - 14 Events Scored                     
   1) Gonzaga College High Sch 127          2) Archbishop Carroll High  102       
   3) T Roosevelt Senior High  78           4) McKinley Tech High Schoo 58        
   5) Georgetown Day School    44           6) Washington Latin Public  41        
   7) Eastern High School      40           8) FW Ballou High School    22        
   9) Banneker High School     12          10) Cesar Chavez             9         
  11) KIPP DC: College Prep    6           12) Thurgood Marshall Academ 4         
  13) Dunbar High School       1           14) Coolidge High School     1         
  15) Bell High School         1