Girls Virtual Meet Preview: DCSAA Championships

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Alahna Sabbakhan of St. John's College has the range to challenge for the win in all events from the 300 meter dash to the 800 meter run, but should be some exciting races with the likes of Georgetown Day's Ziyah Holman and T. Roosevelt's Fajr Kelly as well in some of those events.

Virtual meet girls preview based on the season best performances in the database for the upcoming DCSAA Championships on Tuesday.

55 Meter Dash

1Victoria Perrow10Archbishop Carroll High School (DC)7.0610
2Tiffani Pittman10Archbishop Carroll High School (DC)7.128
3Nia Long9Archbishop Carroll High School (DC)7.276
4Ahmya McKeithan11McKinley Tech High School7.335
5Jewel Ofotan11The Field School7.344
6Ziyah Holman11Georgetown Day School7.363
7Janoah Syers12Archbishop Carroll High School (DC)7.372
8Melady Brown12McKinley Tech High School7.421

300 Meter Dash

1Ziyah Holman11Georgetown Day School38.5310
2Alahna Sabbakhan12St. John's College High School40.318
3Tiffani Pittman10Archbishop Carroll High School (DC)40.986
4Fajr Kelly10T Roosevelt Senior High School41.475
5Caliyah McKeithan12McKinley Tech High School41.534
6Tahira Bakare12Archbishop Carroll High School (DC)41.563
7Melady Brown12McKinley Tech High School42.042
8Ahmya McKeithan11McKinley Tech High School42.061

500 Meter Dash

1Alahna Sabbakhan12St. John's College High School1:14.8210
2Ziyah Holman11Georgetown Day School1:15.188
3Fajr Kelly10T Roosevelt Senior High School1:17.766
4Caliyah McKeithan12McKinley Tech High School1:18.385
5Melady Brown12McKinley Tech High School1:19.494
6Aiona Green11Dunbar High School1:22.873
7Lavondae Douglas12Dunbar High School1:23.202
8Blessing Inyana12Dunbar High School1:23.471

800 Meter Run

1Alahna Sabbakhan12St. John's College High School2:16.3610
2Fajr Kelly10T Roosevelt Senior High School2:25.088
3Aiona Green11Dunbar High School2:30.206
4Morgan Johnson9Archbishop Carroll High School (DC)2:30.905
5Alexa Iglesias11Georgetown Visitation Preparatory School2:32.294
6Blessing Inyana12Dunbar High School2:33.853
7Ava Nicely11Woodrow Wilson High School2:33.972
8Louisa Cave9Georgetown Visitation Preparatory School2:34.541

1600 Meter Run

1Zoe Edelman10Washington Latin Public Charter HS5:24.4810
2Fajr Kelly10T Roosevelt Senior High School5:30.168
3Lili Grant9Georgetown Visitation Preparatory School5:30.256
4Ava Nicely11Woodrow Wilson High School5:31.255
5Anna Cestari12St. John's College High School5:43.574
6Celia Chorzempa10St. John's College High School5:43.623
7Louisa Cave9Georgetown Visitation Preparatory School5:49.432
8Talya Lehrich11Woodrow Wilson High School5:53.671

3200 Meter Run

1Zoe Edelman10Washington Latin Public Charter HS11:21.3010
2Ava Nicely11Woodrow Wilson High School11:27.928
3Lili Grant9Georgetown Visitation Preparatory School11:56.256
4Celia Chorzempa10St. John's College High School12:06.905
5Ana Gunther12Georgetown Day School12:33.134
6Sarah Rowland9St. John's College High School13:08.033
7Talya Lehrich11Woodrow Wilson High School13:09.712
8Arianna Lowengrub9Woodrow Wilson High School13:53.651

55 Meter Hurdles

1Nile Brown12Archbishop Carroll High School (DC)8.3410
2Alicia Dawson12St. John's College High School8.718
3Juliane Cherry10Archbishop Carroll High School (DC)8.816
4Kayla Stewart12Eastern High School9.105
5Amiyah Murray10Dunbar High School9.144
6Miracle Moody10Dunbar High School9.443
7Nora Webb11Woodrow Wilson High School9.462
8Lavondae Douglas12Dunbar High School9.861

4x200 Meter Relay

1Archbishop Carroll High School (DC)1:43.7510
2McKinley Tech High School1:44.418
3Dunbar High School1:47.036
4St. John's College High School1:49.005
5Georgetown Day School1:50.604
6Eastern High School1:52.823
7Woodrow Wilson High School1:52.952
8Washington Latin Public Charter HS1:56.351

4x400 Meter Relay

1McKinley Tech High School4:06.7610
2Archbishop Carroll High School (DC)4:11.768
3Georgetown Day School4:11.896
4Dunbar High School4:13.255
5St. John's College High School4:16.354
6Sidwell Friends School4:26.383
7Georgetown Visitation Preparatory School4:29.432
8Eastern High School4:35.531

4x800 Meter Relay

1Georgetown Visitation Preparatory School10:15.3110
2St. John's College High School10:31.418
3Georgetown Day School10:48.306
4Woodrow Wilson High School11:00.655
5Dunbar High School11:08.114
6Eastern High School11:32.963
7School Without Walls High School12:08.882
8McKinley Tech High School12:40.051

High Jump

1Kayla Collins9Archbishop Carroll High School (DC)5-210
2Jordyn Johnson11Archbishop Carroll High School (DC)5-28
3Amiyah Murray10Dunbar High School5-26
4Alicia Dawson12St. John's College High School5-05
5Nora Webb11Woodrow Wilson High School4-104
6Maeve Murray10Georgetown Visitation Preparatory School4-103
7Nicole Taylor11St. John's College High School4-82
8Essosolim Bislao11McKinley Tech High School4-81

Long Jump

1Alicia Dawson12St. John's College High School19-310
2Janoah Syers12Archbishop Carroll High School (DC)18-0.58
3Nile Brown12Archbishop Carroll High School (DC)17-76
4Vera Gibbs11McKinley Tech High School17-45
5Aiona Green11Dunbar High School17-14
6Lenea Johnson12Dunbar High School16-11.253
7Lauren Hadley11DC International School16-9.52
8Ayana Sirleaf9Dunbar High School16-91

Shot Put

1Alexandria Jackson12Eastern High School37-810
2Mikayla Fuller11Archbishop Carroll High School (DC)35-1.58
3Kori Jackson11Eastern High School34-1.56
4Lenea Johnson12Dunbar High School31-45
5Hannah Dunn12Woodrow Wilson High School31-3.754
6Rayonna Bell-Barnes10Dunbar High School30-13
7Charnay Casson11Eastern High School29-9.52
8Mira Brodsky11Georgetown Day School29-5.51

Triple Jump

1Alicia Dawson12St. John's College High School40-0.2510
2Lenea Johnson12Dunbar High School36-58
3Jordyn Johnson11Archbishop Carroll High School (DC)35-9.56
4Lavondae Douglas12Dunbar High School34-10.255
5Kendal Drewery12Archbishop Carroll High School (DC)34-7.754
6Ayana Sirleaf9Dunbar High School33-10.53
7Allison Burke12Georgetown Day School33-82
8Caliyah McKeithan12McKinley Tech High School32-10.751

Team Scores

		                    Girls - Team Rankings - 14 Events Scored                    
   1) Archbishop Carroll High  124          2) St. John's College High  95        
   3) Dunbar High School       76           4) McKinley Tech High Schoo 48        
   5) Georgetown Day School    44           6) Woodrow Wilson High Scho 36        
   7) Georgetown Visitation Pr 34           8) Eastern High School      30        
   9) T Roosevelt Senior High  27          10) Washington Latin Public  21        
  11) The Field School         4           12) Sidwell Friends  School  3         
  13) DC International School  2           14) School Without Walls Hig 2