Mike Crozier College Commitment Interview

Mike Crozier at NXN

Why did you choose Georgetown?

I chose Georgetown because I truly loved the school as a college, not just as an avenue for athletic endeavors.  Of course, running is a big deal to me and the guys on the team are incredibly hard working and fun to be around.  I'll also get to run with my former teammates/studs Collin Leibold and Billy Ledder which I'm very excited about.  Coach Henner and Coach Banks are incredible coaches who look out for their athletes on and off the track like no other coach I met; they're both incredibly knowledgeable and want to develop each athlete as a man and not just a runner.

What if any other schools were you considering?

I was also considering UVA, Michigan, William and Mary, NC State, Wisconsin, Florida State, and Indiana.  I only took official visits to UVA, Michigan, and Georgetown due to my busy schedule.  


What are your college running goals?

My goals in college are to be a completely team oriented runner--even if that means sacrificing PR attempts to double at a conference or national meet.  I believe that with consistent hard work and training that I can do great things on the cross country course and track.  What that means specifically I'm not sure yet, but I know I can surprise myself and others. 


What are you most looking forward to experiencing at such a school with such a great distance/xc tradition?

I'm looking forward to the entire Georgetown experience; to being a man for others and being a part of something greater than myself.  Every runner on the squad is talented and hard working, and I'm excited to follow suit.  I'm blessed to call myself a Hoya, and I intend to make every minute I spend on campus worth while. Of course, I'll be sure to have my fair share of fun; it's college, after all.


How do you hope to finish out indoors and what are your goals for outdoor?

I'm really treating indoor as training and prep for a (hopefully) healthy and strong outdoor year.  I'm putting in great training and not really tapering off for any meets except for maybe nationals.  I would love to string together a fast mile or 2 mile indoors whether at nationals or another meet, and I want to get a solid 4x800 meter split.  For outdoors, if I continue to train hard, I have complete confidence that I can run 1:53 for 800m, 4:08 for 1600m, and 8:56 for 3200m.


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